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cassidy's birth story

Hey, friends! Grab some hot tea, snuggle up with a warm blanket, and prepare to read a birth story that is going to just absolutely warm your heart. Cassidy, along with her good friend Alison, took my classes while Cassidy’s husband was deployed. Both Cassidy and Alison are L&D nurses at a local naval hospital, it was so great having their feedback and insights in the class as well! Cassidy knew her husband wouldn’t be home for the birth of their daughter, and she was SURROUNDED by loving and encouraging friends and family. It was really beautiful to see! Cassidy and I kept in touch as her guess date approached, and I was filled with joy to receive her birth story a few days after Charlotte arrived. This is her birth story…enjoy!


Hey Kelly, Just wanted to share my birth story with you! It was forever a life changing experience in so many ways! Your guidance carried me through the incredible journey.

Charlotte arrived at 10:52 am. Happy and healthy as can be!

The Saturday i had been swept (membrane sweep) and i was already 4/80/-3… at 3am on the13th i started surges about every 7 mins that required lots of movement for comfort but were moderate at that point. I waited an hour then hopped in the shower, surges were now about every 5 mins. I then decided to wake my mom up and have her shower etc while I threw cookies in the oven for the nurses. Meanwhile I’m on Skype with my husband they were now every 3-4. By 6 am we were headed down to my friends to labor at her house, as she was closer to the hospital than I was, and she was filling my tub I had rented- I was looking forward to that! On the way we picked up my midwife Sara and she checked me quick… And quickly decided that we’d be going straight to the hospital as I was already 8cm. So Alison and my 3 other girlfriends met me there at 0730… They were dying because i made them all take the stairs with me to the 3rd floor and i was in lead. I was that patient that we always roll our eyes at and doubt when they come to triage smiling and perky saying “i think im in labor” and we check them and they are at advanced dilation… that was me! (but thankfully i know the whole staff!). My labor was remarkably easy, I was working but I honestly would do that again any day of the week! Heat pack on my lumbar, hip counterpressure and leaning on the birthing ball (all that we learned in class) were my biggest friends.


{ummm, can we talk about this picture for a second?! WOW!! -kelly}

At arrival I was 9cm with a bulging bag of water… I had a saline lock placed and we only did doppler tones the entire time- so great! In all the hustle my husband who had great contact with me at home was MIA now on Skype… (He was assuming i went to my friends, got in the tub etc… clueless about the new plan and how quickly things were moving). Everyone was trying frantically to get him to be “there” but eventually I was feeling the urge to breathe her down… And was complete now… So I started here and there as I felt it, mostly in hands and knees… And then we got a phone call from Zac… Everyone cheered and literally my bag of water burst (it had meconium in it…so our pediatrician team had to be at delivery) within a minute of the call and the urges came on quickly… I have no idea how long I pushed, but it had to be over an hour or more with at least 30 minutes of crowning… My least favorite part by far… At some point I flipped to side lying which was a tremendous help and used the mirror. The “ring of fire” was the most intense but I worked through it and they were doing compresses etc down there. And then the biggest moment of relief arrived at 1052 with her birth!!! She came out vigorous as ever which cleared any trace of meconium out of her lungs for sure and i grabbed her and went straight to my belly! I had 2 small 1st degree tears that Sara repaired after some lidocaine. But other wise my bleeding was minimal, I never had iv fluids or oxytocin postpartum, not even a Mortin yet… She breastfed within minutes and she’s been a rockstar at it since. She is perfect! And Zac got to “be there” with us during it all which we hadn’t thought would be possible. But somehow these things work out!!!


I honestly could not have done it without my girls… Oh my they carried me through it and brought my breathing after pushing back under control and I probably had 4 pairs of hands on me at all times… It was so remarkable and truly a shower of love!!!! I think most of it was videotaped so once I’ve collaborated it down (at some point in the next few months hopefully), I’d love to share it.

Ahhhh what a journey… I never lost faith in my trust of my body or my baby… It just was so natural. They were all joking because at one point just before I started pushing I said ” I don’t understand why people would get an epidural”… I guess that’s how good I was feeling…. Couldn’t have done it without your expertise and guidance! I’m so inspired and I’m in love with not only this beautiful baby Zac and I created but also my body and how it never ceases to amaze me!

Sorry that rambled. I’m just still in this surreal experience! Best wishes, Cassidy & Charlotte


Cassidy! Not rambling at all! I was captivated the entire time. Thank you SO much for sharing your birth story (and a few AMAZING pictures!) with all of us. I love how supported and encouraged you were throughout the process, and the obvious trust and surrender you had in the intensity of the process. I am so thankful that you were able to have the experience you truly desired, and that Zac was able to be as present as he could be for the experience as well- what a sweet sigh of relief that must have been for both of you. Lots of love, mama!!

if you or anyone you know is interested in learning how to have the most awesome birth possible, please be sure to check out my childbirth education page and check out local group classes as well as online classes that are available any time from any where!

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