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how to (potentially) get reimbursed for placenta encapsulation, doula support, etc.

what the what? yes, you heard right. the following was put in motion by the Placenta Works site, and you can find their full breakdown of everything here.

Here's your step-by-step guide to help guide you towards reimbursement for placenta encapsulation. while we're at it, we might as well add doula support and childbirth education to the list, too, right?! i say: WHY NOT?!

1. Talk with your care provider about your plans to encapsulate. While they should already have heard of what it is and why it can be so beneficial, they might want to see more evidence. You can find some here. and here, too. just as starting points. same can be said for doula support and childbirth education. for a great overview of the tangible evidence for doula support, check this out.

2. ask for a prescription. in this case, really, it's a recommendatinon. sure, have a doula. sure, try encapsulation. if you have to fight hard...that MIGHT be something that encourages you to find a care provider who might support you in those decisions? just a thought!

3. get an FSA form or fill out an out-of-pocket-expenses claim. most won't be able to run an FSA card directly, which means you would submit payment directly and then wait for the reimbursement.

4. along with #3, be sure to get an invoice/itemized receipt from your encapsulator if this is something you are pursuing.

5. submit the prescription, your forms, and your invoice/receipt.

6. cash that check when it comes and treat yo'-newly-postpartum-self to a nice massage or something awesome! or, if you are a dave ramsey follower, maybe just stow away that check for a rainy day. you know, like the day you really want a fancy massage and facial and mani/pedi. you know. rainy.

bam. try it out. doesn't hurt to try. and be sure to come back and share with me about your experiences!

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