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about kelly pappas

owner and founder of beautiful one birth services
midwife at Beautiful One Midwifery, Inc.
california licensed midwife, LM #528
certified professional midwife
masters in clinical psychology
national college of midwifery graduate
ICEA®​ trained childbirth educator
​independent encapsulation specialist
consumer advisory panel: babies in bloom birth and wellness center

OK, I think you get it by this point: I love birth. My experiences during my own pregnancies and births have drastically shaped who I am as a woman, wife, mother, and friend. With this mixture of personal, academic, and professional experience- I like to think I bring a well-rounded view to this amazing season in life.  My Masters in Clinical Psychology allows me to have an even deeper understanding of meeting people exactly where they are, hearing them wholeheartedly, and allowing transformation to happen in a safe and loving environment.  I believe in an intentional design of a woman's body to work with her baby to give birth, the power of surrender during birth, and the power that a birthing experience has in the life of a family. I love what I do and I enjoy sharing my passion with others.  I am a licensed midwife and my family and I intend on using my education and skills eventually in a global capacity. For more information on my midwifery care, click here

I love other things besides birth, though! I love God with everything I have. I am a wife to a really awesome husband, Trevor.  His awesomeness was exponentially raised when he allowed me to start bringing placentas into our home ("you're going to do what?! where?!")! We have two sweet kiddos that I just adore. Keaton James, who was born in November 2010 is our firstborn and seems destined to be some kind of performer. He is hilarious and confident and so much fun to be around (except when he hasn't napped!).  We welcomed our second child, Selah Rae, in September 2013 peacefully on our bed at home. That marked my "it's official, I'm going to be a midwife" moment.  She is such a sweetpea but also super fiesty and truly believes she is as old, if not older, than her big brother. We had our surprise caboose baby in April of 2018, also at home, and are obsessed with having another baby around to snuggle and watch grow. Being that we live in San Diego, we love to spend our time outdoors as a family, at the beach, or hiking trails. I used to talk about my love for the San Diego Chargers here, but alas, they left SD brokenhearted and I feel like a jilted ex. Someone once asked me what I would do if I had no responsibilities and was okay with being totally selfish for a day: I would eat a burrito for every meal, listen to Ray Lamontagne on repeat, and play cornhole or other fun lawn games from morning till evening...I'm pretty simple. 

I appreciate you stopping by! I am always humbled at the fact that families allow me in on these intimate journeys they are on, whether through classes or labor support or even allowing me to handle their placentas...It is a pure honor of mine to be able to walk with you on this journey, whatever that may look like.  I send my love for a confident pregnancy, empowered birth, and beautiful postpartum transition!                                            



                                                                          Lots of love,