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A Little Love Note

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Hi, friends!

Well, I *had* good intentions for this sweet blog! But the past couple years have been a whirlwind of clinic days and sleepless nights and catching babies and writing papers and doing homework and filling out paperwork, and oh yeah, having a husband and 2 kiddos and...surprise...another on the way! So, grace abounds and the wisdom of the phrase "something's gotta give" won out.



I have officially finished all the requirements for midwifery school in the state of California and am awaiting a testing date for my eventual licensure. What?! Praise the LORD!!

This also opens up a new season of life where my business will be morphing into something I've always dreamed it would be, where my family is growing by two little feet, and where I can give time and attention to things I love. Like writing, gathering with you guys both virtually and in person, sharing wisdom I've gained, and celebrating with you guys all these sweet milestones you too I am sure have been happy dancing over in your own lives, too.

So here it is, a little love note to you guys to tell you all I have missed you. That I am coming out from under the boulder and peeking my head out and remembering the sights and sounds of all the things I've loved, feeling more myself than I ever have, excited to bring change to our communities and beyond, and to love on my little family in new, deep, meaningful ways.

I have missed you! Excited to connect again and grow this business into what it was always meant to be.

Biggest hugs, dear ones.

kelly <3

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