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childbirth education: essentials for childbirth​

Can't figure out what "method" childbirth prep class to take? Hearing all kinds of things about Bradley, HypnoBirthing, and Lamaze and just not sure where to start, or where you fit in? Well then- this class is for you! After discovering that no single method-style class fits the bill for every couple, and that no one method provides everything I personally was finding effective in preparing mamas for childbirth and beyond, I decided to create my own class that combined different "methods" along with other evidence-based information, trainings, births I have attended, etc. This culminated in creating a class that aims to cover all the bases, in a succint, informative, engaging way!
This isn't just your average childbirth preparation class. It is a mixture of comprehensive education and hands-on comfort measure tools to take with you into your birthing experience.

Some of the Topics Covered, and the Techniques, Tips, and Tools Learned:


Video 1:

- The process of physiological birth: how your hormones, your baby, and your body naturally WANT to work together! 
-Alleviating fears and worries and replacing those with confidence and trust in the process


Video 2:

- Mindfulness techniques: staying present, recognizing and naming sensations experienced, body scanning in order to release tension, visualizations to enhance your experience
​ -Broad, useful breathing and vocalization techniques to ease discomfort, encourage efficient surges, and keep your body relaxed and open. (aka. how NOT to be that woman you see on the TV version of birth!)
-Emotional and physical "benchmarks" of labor and ways to ease discomfort in each stage


Video 3:

- Massage and other physical touch techniques for birth companions to utilize
-How nutrition and other types of body care can impact birth and postpartum


Video 4:

- Common medical interventions at hospitals and how to make informed, well-rounded decisions during labor
-Creating birth preferences for your care team, and how to present them in a collaborative manner


Video 5:

- Pulling it all together
-Experience in a "labor run through" in which we walk through different positions, utilizing the tools we have learned along the way to help you visualize yourself working through your labor.​
The online classes are available for as long as needed via a password protected site at any time, from any computer.


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The online price of only $50 includes access to all 5 sessions that can be watched as many times as you would like, relaxation tracks, course handouts, access to DropBox for extensive shared resources, access to lending library if local, and an online forum for question asking and community building. You will receive an instructional, introductory email from me within 24 hours of purchase.





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