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rosy and damien's birth story

This was Rosy and Damien's second pregnancy, and Rosy was looking for something different from her first experience that was filled with a lot of tension, pain, and more interventions than she originally desired. It was SO fun getting to know them during our time together, a super sweet and fun couple! Here is their story, as told by Rosy


So what I wanted to share with you was about my birth story and how I really believe the [placenta] pills are magic! haha! On Thursday the 20th around 1:30ish I started seeing the mucus like I texted you about and then probably around 4ish I started feeling a little crampy, but pretty minor. Then around 5 or 6pm I for sure was having surges but again, totally tolerable, so we were just going about our routine with dinner and stuff. We put Solana down at 8 and we went straight upstairs. Again, I was definitely having surges but totally tolerable. We were watching X factor and we even took out gifts and wrapping paper to do some wrapping. However, they were coming closer and closer and I was like “um, yeah, I don’t think I’m interested in wrapping gifts right now!” Damian was already putting it all away though so he totally knew. Funny because the noise was bothering me and that’s how I thought there’s no way I could wrap right now but the noise was him putting it all away.

Anyway, I got in the bath and shortly after they were super back to back. This was probably around 10:30-11pm. We were definitely listening to my affirmations and Damian was using his “script” and really mirroring me by swaying with me, like what we practiced, which totally helped. As long as I could start swaying my hips as I felt surge coming on then I could handle it pretty well. It was when I couldn’t sway in time that it was pretty painful. We were also repacking our bag and making sure we packed our snacks and cookies his mom made for the nurses (good tip!) :) So we were for sure leaving soon bc based on an app we were using on D’s phone, I was pretty far along! Somehow I made it down the stairs and into our truck although I definitely didn’t sit very well. I kept breaking into heavy sweats during surges too it was gnarly. I was totally talking to Daniela [baby] on the way to hospital telling her to please take it easy (haha!) and not to come out in the car because I totally felt like she was coming! It took us a bit to get from car to front desk of the birth pavilion bc I could barely walk! They needed about 10 minutes or so to get my room together so they put me in some little waiting room which, again, I thought I was going to deliver in! I couldn’t walk to room but I also could not sit in wheelchair so I was wheeled over on my knees! Must’ve looked hilarious!

We had gotten to hospital at 12:45 and were probably in our room around 1. I was on my hands and knees on bed bc that totally felt the best. They said I was 7-8 cm! We couldn’t believe it! Shortly after I was already at 9! If you were in the Encinitas area you could probably hear me at that point!! I was moaning so loud, and deep like we practiced, but I probably scared everyone! I was moaning and making funny sounds I think during surges. Anyway, the nurse was super chill because we had given them our preferences and put up HypnoBirthing sign you gave us..which I’m sure they thought was funny that we wanted silence bc I was far from silent! haha!

Anyway, she was just letting us do our thing when D stepped aside and asked her what the plan was because I really felt like Daniela was coming but I wasn’t trying to push bc no one was telling me to, and earlier a different person had told me not to push bc if I did too early when cervix wasn’t ready I might end up having cesarean (thanks?!). So the nurse was like, “Oh she can let me know when she’s ready, I was just laying low for you guys.” I was like, um yeah, I’m ready!!! I pushed like 3 times maybe and had her at 2:31am! It was so fast…within an hour and a half of being there!

The crazy thing too is that my water never broke..she came out in the broke naturally. Our nurse said they believed in what old cultures say about being born “under the veil” and those babies were called “caul bearers” and how intuitive they are. We looked it up and it’s so trippy! Only 1 in 80,000 are born that way! Look it up! SO interesting! It’s all about royalty and stuff..One of the requirements to be the Dahli Lama is to have been born under the veil! crazy huh! anyway, i could go on because we started realizing there were all sorts of interesting connections with the mystery of it all. pretty cool.

Anyway, we were in complete shock that I had her so fast and that there were ZERO problems AND that I was able to do it without MEDS!! YES! I didn’t tear (Didn’t with solana either) so that was great too. Damian said that he could see how in the zone I was when he would put affirmations on, especially at the hospital. He also put on my labor music from Solana when I was pushing. It was just all around so incredible. Don’t get me wrong, it was crazy…! But so awesome regardless. I totally feel like a warrior, like I accomplished something pretty amazing. Damian was seriously in shock (mainly bc it was so different than first time) and sooo proud of me- it was so cool!

She weighed 8 lbs 7 oz!!! crazy big!! we thought solana was big- she was 7lbs 14 oz.

Sorry this was so long. I really want to thank you for everything. You really helped us so much. All your support, education, and encouragement is so appreciated.


AH! Rosy, I love your story so so much! I know you had some fears about reliving your first birthing experience over again, and I’m so thankful you were able to overcome that and focus on this new pregnancy, new birth, sweet new daughter! I’m glad some of the physical comfort measures that we practice in class were so helpful, and so thankful that you had the birth you were really desiring. You are quite the warrior mama, and it’s no wonder Damian is so proud of you! Thanks again for sharing. What a blessing to be a part of your pregnancy, labor (thanks for the updates!!), and postpartum experience with the placenta pills! Lots of love to your family of four!

If you or anyone you know is interested in learning how to have the most awesome birth possible, please check out my childbirth education page where you can check out local group classes, or my online class that is available any time from any where!

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