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monica's birth story

I have another super awesome birth story to share with you! It was so much fun to have this sweet couple in class with us, and I SO appreciate their enthusiasm for what they were learning and how it was transforming their view of pregnancy and birth. Humbling that I get to do what I get to do! Here is Monica’s birth story!


I wanted to share my birth story! My son was born December 24- a perfectly healthy, beautiful 7lb 12 oz baby. I was 40+2 and in the days preceding my labor I started going on very long walks. The afternoon before I went into labor I went on a very long walk and started noticing more pelvic pressure. That evening I started having painless, semi regular surges. We were very excited so we tried to go to sleep so I could get some rest in case it really was the real thing! We went to bed around 10 pm the 23rd and I woke up at 1230 am on the 24th with intense, regular surges. I went into the shower and found the warm water on my back to help relieve them. At this point the surges were 4-5 minutes apart and we decided to head to the hospital. When I arrived at triage my surges were 3-4 minutes apart and I was 3cm. The intern at triage wasn’t sure if I was actually in labor but they decided to admit me. I requested to have a midwife instead of a MD and for a nurse who was comfortable with natural, unmedicated childbirth. Upon being admitted they told me they wanted me to have constant monitoring for one hour to make sure everything was okay and if it was I could have intermittent monitoring after that (they said they noticed some “weird” readings on the monitor when I was in triage and wanted to make sure everything was okay). That first hour was pretty miserable. With the constant monitoring I was unable to get up and move around and I found lying in bed during surges to be painful. Luckily everything with the baby’s heart rate was fine so after that first hour I was unhooked and I just went straight into the shower. I had back labor, which made things really intense for me.

Shortly after being admitted they did change of shift and the nurse and midwife that were assigned to me, and they were the ones who ended up delivering my baby, were FANTASTIC. I couldn’t have asked for a more incredible team, I was SO impressed. Our nurse even found our “Hypnobirthing in progress-quiet voices please” sign and placed it on the door for us.

While in labor I thought about what you mentioned in class and only received minimal cervical checks. At the time hearing a number I wouldn’t have liked would have been devastating so I just told myself I was dilating and that worked for me. I also used your advice and didn’t think in the “long term” of labor-I just focused on each surge and told myself I only had to get through that specific surge.

I spent most of my labor in the shower, frequently changing positions. When I wasn’t in the shower I would get on my hands and knees during a contractions and have my Mom or husband apply counter pressure on my lower back and I found some good relief in that as well. I would also get very nauseous at the peak of each surge. Even though that was unpleasant it gave me hope that I was in transition. I remember the point when I was ready to push. I was in the shower and all those sensations I was experiencing changed and I started subconsciously making these noises that I couldn’t really control but I could hear myself making, like you talked about. I crawled out of the shower and my Mom asked me “Do you feel like you need to push?” I nodded and they called the nurse in and they checked me and I was fully dilated and ready to push at that point!! My nurse asked if I wanted a mirror but I couldn’t really answer questions at that point so she just grabbed one and I’m glad she did. The first couple pushes I couldn’t see my progress but once they got the mirror I was actually able to see my hard work in action and it helped me focus. After his head came out the rest went really fast. I just remember the burning and all of the sudden instant relief and they plopped him right onto my chest. I was in disbelief- he was the most beautiful thing I had ever seen and I loved him more than anything in this world! His eyes were wide open, bright, and looking around. He started crying. They did his vital signs and everything on my chest. His first two hours of life he was on my chest skin to skin with me. My mom and my husband were right there too throughout the whole labor and to greet our son as he entered the world. They were any excellent support team!

I wouldn’t have changed anything about my labor. I am so proud that I was able to do it without receiving anything for pain and the only medication I had to receive was an IM injection of pitocin post delivery since my bleeding warranted it. I am also SO THANKFUL we took your class. If I wouldn’t have prepared for labor I think I would have been overwhelmed in the moment. Thank you again for everything!!


Oh goodness! This just brings tears to my eyes, Monica! What a sweet story and an amazing way to bring your son into the world. I am so thankful you found the techniques, mental prep, and comfort measures that we went through in class so helpful. It sounds like you had amazing support throughout your entire labor (both from your family and from the staff- awesome!!) and were able to handle the intensity of things really well! Congratulations on your beautiful son, and thanks again for sharing your story with us!! Lots of love to you three!!

if you are interested in learning how to have the most awesome birth as possible, be sure to check out my childbirth education page to check out local group classes as well as online classes that are available any time from any where!

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