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janice's placenta encapsulation story

hey, friends!

normally i share stories of my students’ births in this story series, but this quick story about janice’s decision to encapsulate her placenta was really touching to me and i wanted it to be out there so that hopefully people will find some encouragement from it! janice recently gave birth to her second baby and was referred to me by a friend of hers. here is her story about why she chose placenta encapsulation and her experiences with it…enjoy!


Hey Kelly, I just had to take a couple minutes to write you and tell you thank you beyond measure for the placenta capsules and the salve that you made for me. As you know, when I had {our first daughter}, my postpartum experience was pretty much horrendous, and I really wasn’t expecting that at all. I guess I’m just one of those people who didn’t respond well to the fast shift in hormones, and to the fact that I ended up with a c-section after a long labor that left me totally exhausted mentally and emotionally. I wish I knew about encapsulation or knew that I would need it last time! While we decided to have a repeat c-section with {our son}, I went into this experience doing my homework- how to make this c-section more calm and serene, how to help my postpartum experience be brighter not only for myself and my husband but for our children. I couldn’t imagine having to care for two kids if I felt anything like I felt the first time. After hearing about placenta encapsulation so many times and doing some research I thought to myself, what is there to lose? If it’s all potential benefits, and no real side effects, then why not? I figured even if I wasn’t one of the moms who felt like little rainbows and butterflies were popping out of their placenta pills, I at least would know that I was doing everything I could to be proactive about my health and my relationships with my family. Thankfully our hospital was easy to work with in terms of placenta release, and thankfully YOU were so accommodating and came to us only 2 hours after {our son} was born, picked everything up for us, and brought it all back to us so quickly. I was able to take my first dose less than 24 hours after my son was born, and was able to use the salve a few days later when my incision site closed up. Plus, your packaging is so adorable and so thoughtful. I think the quickness in getting those hormones back into me made a difference for sure, and I think the suggested dose and how it helped me “wean” off the hormones was especially useful. I literally was stunned how quickly my milk came in {something we struggled with after the birth of my daughter which led to her being formula fed, yet another thing I lamented over}, and honestly how much energy I had. I felt like my incision healed faster this time around, and that I actually wanted to cuddle with my baby, with both of my babies, and that, in and of itself, would be worth me paying triple what it was you charged. We are now 3 months postpartum and I have to tell you, everything is different than last time. Yes I still struggle a bit with anxiety, but I didn’t expect to be magically cured of all my ailments from these placenta pills. What it HAS provided was an abundance of milk, a much more awake and aware mom, and no real sense of looming sadness that followed me around after my daughter’s birth. I can’t tell you that this was only the placenta pills that did this for me, but what I can tell you is that I wish every mom would make the investment and take advantage of this service, whether they think they’ll need it or not, because I didn’t think I would the first time and boy did I. I sing the praises of what my placenta has done for my baby and for me, and I hope every mom at least considers this options. I know it makes many people squirm to think about, but it really was life-changing for me, which is worth a little squirming in my book! Thanks, Kelly. I am forever grateful. So is my husband! And my babies, I’m sure!


Thanks so much Janice for sharing your placenta encapsulation story with us. What an AMAZING thing to hear that you have been so much more present with your family this time around. It is humbling to read something like this- I am thankful that the services I provide can have such an impact on families, and thankful that you took the time to research all of your options. It was a fun journey with you answering your questions and laying out all of your options! Lots of love!

If you are in the San Diego area and interested in placenta encapsulation services, please visit my business site at Beautiful One Birth Services or email me at

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